Programs and Services

Although grieving is a natural process following the loss of a loved one, it is often misunderstood by others.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve. As individuals, we experience the loss of loved ones in our own unique way.

If you feel a need for support, Hospice offers a variety of free programs including support groups, complementary therapies, library resources, and much more.

Bereavement Programs

ONE TO ONE SUPPORT: Hospice staff and trained volunteers provide one-to-one support to palliative and bereaved individuals.
FIRST STEP GRIEF SUPPORT GROUP: An 8 week closed program that takes place at the Chilliwack Hospice Society’s “Rotary Hospice Centre”. It is offered as necessary up to 3 times annually. The group is for individuals who have experienced a recent loss.
SECOND STEP GRIEF SUPPORT GROUP: Meets the first Friday of the month for a social luncheon and the third Friday of the month for a meeting. This group is for people who are interested in attending social events and/or who wish to continue to support others and be supported in their grief.
CHILDREN’S GRIEF SUPPORT GROUP: This program is for children, ages 6-12, who have experienced the loss of a family member or friend through death or other circumstances; or who currently have a friend or family member dying.
RELAXATION PROGRAM: We offer relaxation sessions to our volunteers and clients on a weekly basis. We also offer (on request) a Relaxation Program in our clients’ homes, the hospital and the Cascade Hospice Residence or wherever the client may call home.
PREGNANCY AND INFANT LOSS GRIEF SUPPORT GROUP: This group is for parents who have lost an infant to early or late miscarriage, stillbirth or within the first year of life. This group meets monthly.
TRAUMATIC LOSS GRIEF SUPPORT GROUP: The group is for individuals/families who have had a loved one die by suicide or a tragic death. It is an 8 session 2 hour long group that meets once a week for 8 weeks.
WALKING GROUP: This group meets once per week and is open to anyone who might benefit from the services of Chilliwack Hospice Society, including palliative and bereaved clients, and/or their families, friends, and caregivers. Program runs in spring and summer.

Palliative Support Services

CASCADE HOSPICE RESIDENCE: A team of hospice volunteers visit palliative patients at the Cascade Hospice Residence.
CHILLIWACK GENERAL HOSPITAL: A team of hospice volunteers visit palliative patients and their families in the hospital.
HOME VISITS: Some of our volunteers visit palliative patients and their families in their homes. Caregiver respite can sometimes be arranged.
VIGIL SERVICES: A team of trained volunteers is available to provide bedside support care to individuals and their families during the final 72 hours of a person’s life in the setting that is home to the individual at the time of the visit. Please note: 24 hours’ notice is required to put the team in place and is based on availability of volunteers. It is not always possible to provide continuous coverage.
Please call (604) 798-5355 9am-5pm Monday-Friday if you anticipate the need for a vigil.