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One on One Support: Lucy Fraser, Director of Programs, provides one on one support to palliative and bereaved individuals

Cascade Hospice Residence Visiting: A team of hospice volunteers visit palliative patients at the Cascade Hospice Residence.

Hospital Visiting: A team of hospice volunteers visit palliative patients at Chilliwack General Hospital.

Respite Service: Hospice volunteers will stay with a palliative patient while a family member must be away for a few hours.

Vigil Team: A team of trained Volunteers provide vigil services to anyone during their last 72 hours of life. We offer this service in the hospital, in people's homes, in residential care facilities and at the Cascade Hospice Residence. Our vigil services are scheduled based on the availability of volunteers and it is not always possible to provide continuous coverage. 24 hour notice is required to put the team in place.
Vigil Brochure Outside Cover , Vigil Brochure Inside Cover

Please call (604) 798-5355 if you anticipate the need for a vigil.

Relaxation Program: Every Monday morning, apart from statutory holidays, the Relaxation Team meets to offer relaxation sessions to palliative and bereavement clients and other community members at our Hospice Center. Our team has been trained in Complementary Therapies, therapies that complement medical treatments and additionally, we can offer hand/foot massages and relaxation through music/meditation. We offer these services in people's homes, CGH, care facilities, at our Centre and weekly at Cascade Hospice Residence to provide comfort and relaxation. Relaxation brochure

Individuals interested in attending our groups should call (604-795-4660) and arrange an appointment with the Director of Programs - Lucy Fraser, to see if the group they are interested in is appropriate for their needs.

For more information about our Palliative Services contact:

Coletta Holmes
Palliative Services Coordinator

Phone: (604) 795-4660 ext.222
Fax: (604) 795-2476

45360 Hodgins Ave,
Chilliwack, BC V2P 1P5
Phone: 604-795-4660
Fax: 604-795-2476